Best Online Virtual Curency System for the 21st Century – Time Credits

This concept was brought up by myself, Bogdan Mandru [john Proud], a few years after the global financial crisis that took place at

the beginning of the 21st century.

This Virtual Currency System comes as a solution to privately owned global financial system instrumented by the US Federal Reserve

Bank, system trough which large amount of currency is prompted up into the global markets as credit [fraudulently, of course] then

re-thrown on short notice making credits being unable to be returned and therefor all owned assets confiscated …

The solution comes as it happens that large communities found themselves paralyzed due to lack of financial liquidizes ..

So, here it goes – there is a large amount of service providers who cannot use one the others services due to lack of credits
The solutions is extremely simple – create a gathering . group . community

All service providers start contributing to the community
As services are provided – all members decide if the service was useful and had the needed quality
If this is true – then the service provider is given 1 time credit per every hour of his contribution
With this time credit he can access all others services – then the credits more throughout the economy

There is no depreciation as one hour of everyone-s time is the same.
If more providers have the same services and the time of completion differs – one hour credit is given at the amount of work done by  the fastest/  – so if one is slower will have to work more. 1,2 hours – as an example

If any1 needs credits then they just work for the community

The community decides what services it needs and then there can be a pitch – who provides them

Time cannot be depreciated …
isn’t this the best or what?

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