1st Can you even believe it’s that easy to fix the economy ?

As you all probably know by know – the “raw” FIAT currencies have absolutely nothing to back them up.
If you go to any issuer of paper money and ask them some real value in return you wont get anything back
Therefor – the solution / on solution to this impossible stupid situation is quite easy and it just have to require for the issuer to have any new “quantitative easing” ( or fraudulent money issuing by other terms ) the obligation to buy socio/economic/ BONS in the form of UBI ( universal basic income ) BONDS from each state that have a population below the “povertY” line
Only using this UBI BONDS central banks can issue a correct amount of FIAT currencies and in returns states can offer to their citizens an universal basic income in the amount, form and on the terms they agree

communism and ww3 is also a very good alternative /// ecologically speaking