Cele mai frecvente intrebari si/sau probleme pe care asociatii sau fondatorii unei afaceri trebuie sa le discute la un start-up

the most common questions/issues startup co-founders should agree on


Product / Business Basics
– What are we creating? What’s the goal?

– How should we divide the  shares?
– What is the vesting schedule?
– Is there starting acceleration (does any vest right away because we are founders)?
– Is there a cliff?
– Is there an ending acceleration (due to termination, change in control, etc…)?

Decision Making
– How will decisions get made?  Who has the final say?

Roles / Involvement
– What is each founders roles and responsibilities?
– How much time will be dedicated to the company by each founder?  (full time / part time)
– What is each founder expected to produce and what are the performance expectations?

– Is someone contributing intellectual property that the company will now own?
– Who owns the intellectual property? Are the founders turning over any ideas / contributions to be owned by the company?

Founder Exit
– What happens if one of us leaves the company?

Conflict Resolution
– What are the voting shares? How are disputes handled?
– Can any of us be fired?

Initial Cash
– How much money do we need to get started?  Where is it coming from?
– Will any of us be investing cash in the company?  If so, how is this treated (equity/debt/convertible debt?
– Will we be buying equipment for the business? – If so, how is this treated?

– What will we pay ourselves?  Who gets to change this in the future?

Contractual Terms
– Will founders sign non-compete / non-disclosure?

Employee Stock Options
– What % do you set aside for employee stock options?

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