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Advertising here

2016 – reaching 4 the 1 million views
Thank you everyone … hope by visiting my blog you got some useful and/or intriguing info

feel free 2 contact me regarding publishing a page here… might be some free stuff when I reach the 1 million mark … just sing up 2 the advertisers list

mail me @ or connect on linkedin

try also

ps: I;m not changing this page so I can compare how does it look when you start bloging 2 how does it look 10 years after … just 3 more 2 go


since 2014 – obviously a progress – I’m now @ 20k views/month

same offer – just 3 euro/month per link
15 euro/month for a sidebar logo with direct link

all the best



2012 – update – just hit 100.000 visits …

615 views on busiest day, May 16, 2012  and another 60.000 by half year

And here it is the 2011 anual report –

This blog was viewed about 71,000 times in 2011

Advertorials here really work . contact me for special offers

Why buy a link on this personal blog?

(2011) I had about 22.000 visits last year and i expect about 70.000 visits this year [ based on the number of visits in January – and this is not a state budget 🙂 ] .. so it might be a good choice if you have a website or sell very common use products

Like Mike Rowe says – “it’s organic!” .. so, the traffic its on a rising trend and about 80% of users come from search engines

your friends tell a lot about who you really are.

The other 20% visitor of this blog who are “offered” by the more or less “social” networks are high class individuals and professional . I can tell you this for sure because I happen to “clean” my social networking profile from morons and any individuals [or groups] showing any degree of mediocrity . I do this practically every day.  So, if any1 does not fit as a “respectable” connection for my online “social” profile it won’t be included here.

What links have you got?

Basically there are 2 types of links u can buy

1st is for the search engines [this blog has a page rank 4 (out of 10) on Google Page Rank]

– your link will be placed on the blogroll or on any page you desire, but only on that page

– price : 1€/month or 10€/year if paid in advance

– or you can exchange a link with me if you have the same page rank @ no costs …

everything in life can be obtained 4 free – see the Underworld Survival Guide 😉

2nd one is also for the public – you can have your own logo on the sidebar.

the position will be chosen by me .. of course I’m open to suggestions

– price starting @ 5€/month – depends on the size and graphics

– this offer is also for the links behind the images on the blog . any of those are 4 sale 🙂

Special offer

Since there is absolutely no order for the pages , you can have your own page with absolutely any content you want and as many links as you want for:

161 € / life – i can assure you it will be here as long as this blog .. or .. will be online

36 € /year .. that’s about 0,1€/day – but hey , you can write anything [ as a comparison – you pay that price for a single slick on adwords ..  so you decide if it worths ]

– this is the offer for blog advertorials also .. you can get a discount 4 those since a new post is added every day… so you’ll get 1st position on the page for 24 hours the least and 30 hours the most and be on 1st page on the blog for about ONE month

– there are exactly 31 additional posts to the 1st position shown .. if any1 scrolls all the way down

and Most Special Offer

If you have a non-profit/personal website/blog and i like it or i like what you are doing and you follow me on twitter you can get a link 4 free ..  and linking back is your choice.

So, contact me @

Disclaimer – I don’t claim to be anything .. neither this blog is

If you need to monetize your website and you don’t know how yet [ and can’t take this as an example] contact me and I’ll definitely come up with a solution for you 😉

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