How to start a business in 2016

This page/draft/info is about the steps you need to take and what you need to do in order to succeed as an entrepreneur

It’s only written from an entrepreneur point of view … has probably nothing to do with classic business management what so ever…
I’m writing this for .. myself, … to entertain my future self … I’m pretty sure I’ll have a good laugh or @ least some smiles 10 or 20 years from now if I’ll ever read this sht again… and probably for posterity since everything you pun online is here forever … [ maybe i should not ever worry about posterity because in a few hundred years probably noone will even consider cheeking the past or won;t understand sht … hope we all ascend into the great abis ]… whatever .. no idea where that came from …

So, this is what some dude thought about the things someone needs to do in order to start a successful business @ the beginning of the century …. maybe right @ the very end of the capitalist era .. but @ the time it was written we were 2 naive 2 even thing about that of how long it would be before the capitalistic/central bank monetary age it would end…

So, …. getting tot the point …. – select a good product or service you want to provide for the world

2nd. – define your management
get yourself a support group consisting of:
– a management consultant / someone with real business experience
– a good legal adviser
– a smart accountant and/or fiscal advisor
– do this because all the business you will do must be done “theoretically” within a state border and the “business” has to be registered physically somewhere
[ funny , now I realize we dont have yet virtual enterprises … or do we? … we should .. and probably will have online juristictions …. maybe @ the end of pudic internet governance age … [ am referring @ nude censorship on facebook … and puditi mentalities thos kids have there /// whatever]

3rd – the business plan
So , after you managed 2 get your team and found out what the product or services will be and you are now discussing with them write down the business plan
( you might need a secretary 4 that /// get one ASAP since you probably are 2 lazy 2 do this shit … I know I am)
the busikasmfkeanakldjnfama  ;… the business plan should cover
– suppliers
– supply chain
– product asembly
– storage and asurance
– marketing
– logistics
– and numbers .. lost of numbers and scenarios … to them with you team .. what if goes good.. what if it goes bad … optimistic scenario and pessimistic scenario

4th – the money … yes still had money [ or fiduciary money ] @ the beginning of the 21st century
– you should visit some banks … talk 2 some bankers about the terms and conditions regarding financing your business… present a business plan … and hope that they don’t give you business 2 some anther shills they have acting as a “legit” business on the market   ///
– besides the banks you can also check out info about business grants and free money … In the EU the European Comision has some programs that give away free money for business .. check that out also. – therefor you might want 2 consider registering the business in the EU

– as an alternative you should consider virtual money and crypto-curencies ..but this will be available when ppl will conduct business and transactions not only whitin one system but all the cryptocurencyes would have precise conversions and terms of trade .. ( this might be a great business oportunity on it’s on
see this sht

5 th – starting

after all this … time wasted talking sht and not doing anything it’s time 2 get into the real world…
now 1st of all you might need 2 take your legal adviser with you on this part – you need to figure out what are the costs and implications of every step you make …. weather you are renting an office space, construction a production line/ facility .. hiring people/ instaling robots … or whatever you do … open the fkin business plan and dig deeper into the WBS

6 – scenarios of …. exit?

ok, by now you have what – the business plan … a financing source… a great team who assists you and a nice secretary…. some variants/ business opportunities / locations/ good and bad scenarios

7 – branding
until the exit you must have a plan in order to increase the value of you company

Ok, probably this is the only valuable info on this page … hope you will find it

the online shit
1st – brainstorm on the name , logo, values, mission, bla bla

2ns – get online / get a website
– get a domain *
– get hosting    *
– install a cool WP theme  */ other platform
– install some plugins 4 social media and sht

– Optimise for search engines *
– get SEO plugins and SEO services
– Optimize the Content              *
– webmaster tools + analitics  + etc
– Optimise for Social Media       *
– Get a facebook page, linkedin, twitter, google plus, google business directory, etc

– Optimise for Conversions        *

– participate in affiliate marketing and other promotional
– try one of these platforms :


9 Sell the business