Facebook Newsfeed Feedback 2017 Dec

For quite sometime my fb newsfeed is black …
I suspect due to the “connections” I have with one ore more Truth movements … like flat earth society for example … And NO – I’m not one of them … I really like them but they also can’t handle the truth .. no one does …

so, I’m seriously thinking about making an app/script that just grabs the informational flux humanity puts on social networks , classifies it regarding the subjects and the degree of dumbness one has … according to yet another .. algorithm and serves the best shit to the select few that joins my club

Anyway, after a few time that my newsfeed stoped working I’m sending this message to the FB staff… and those little fagots working @ the totalitarian propaganda machine called Face ..book better listen !!!
Your “algorithms” and/or propaganda machine seems to have given up me
my newsfeed is totally black for more than a month now … what is the problem? may I ask you
ps: yes I’ve already sent dozens of reports about this problem … do you happen to have someone on your staff offended by my profile? …. now really – why should any1 limit him speech in order to comply to other limited views and/or lack of mental capacity regarding the world we sometimes live in ????

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