The Butterfly Effect

If you are not quite there yet here is an mental exercise to get you where you want to be.

Life is not really real, so it’s possible to do a quantum leap and jump between parallel realities .. of course once you;ve put everything behind and there is absolutely no1 or nothing in this reality that can stop you from jumping.

First you need to get into this mindset so you might need some psychedelics (LSD works best.) or switch from water to coffee for 24 hours. Make sure you have something to write close to you.

Now, once you did that,
Imagine yourself some years from now, or in a relatively close future, sunbathing on a white sand beach away from all the metropolitan buzz and useless city life maybe reading a book, maybe enjoying  some cocktails having everything you need and absolutely nothing to worry about.

Once you are there, and trust me – if you are there you are really there!
Now, once you are there, you have to rewrite the past. So, get a notebook and start writing a letter to your younger self. Try to remember in almost every minor detail everything you did in order to get to where you are right now.

Now start writing and don’t let anything stop you from writing because once you wake up all you will have is what you just wrote.

Maybe it won’t make sense 1st time you read it but the connection are there and once you drink your first cup of coffee a few days later it will all make sense and you will know exactly what to do, who you should meet, when or why.

If I’m on the list don’t mind dropping me an e-mail.

Subj: Morpheus

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