Grassroot Movements . ORG – Partners Call

This is a very straight and simple proposal

The project aims to provide all the tools and support for activists who want to develop any type of campaign

I’m looking for partners consisting in :

1. IT, technical field – most important
2. Judicial/law/copyrights and other stuff that belong to the previous information censorship paradigm

The role of the 1st partner will be to develop a portal and additional apps to most important platforms
The role of the 2nd partner will be to protect our project from useless copyright trolls and other parasites that tend to block the development and progress of mankind

All the cost in their field and their actions belong to the partners and they will have each 25% of business ownership and board members.

The partners must share common values and agree to work closely with each other in synergy in order to achieve the most outstanding success for this project

Contact me @


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