the curency of 21st century


introduction? [  the hell with it]

this is so far away from star trek i tell you … maybe later on it’s evolution mankind will evolve to that kind of full militarized society 🙂

ok ,

since most ppl attention capacity is absurdly limited i must be really brief about this

and this will happen – just because the best way to predict the future is to create it

therefor, here is how it will look like – and here is why you will accept this as irrefutable and contribute to it … you utopian fools! : )


how is it possible that the entire world is in bankruptcy while some gained and own trillions of dollars
it’s like Joe tell you:
– i own a trillion right now

and you want to reply

– ya? well i now own a quatrallion : )  .. and your trillion is worthless because we moved on to a new currency system [s]

really mature adult conversation …

skipping more bullshit the PR editors will rap they head around and getting to the point … eventually
so, how will the currency of the 21st century look like?

well, you gueest it – all electronically … alt virtual … all owned by a central “bank” … not owned .. guaranteed .. ya right bull shit
so, whats de difference? sounds a lot like the last fucking old new world order to me 🙂

the difference not how but in how it is gained and used … that is the real purpose of money?
– transforming “” magicaly”” goods to services and viceversa
if you need goods you have to provide some services
if you provide good you will need some services

and just like the previous world economy it’s all based on … credit
ok fuck this shit – i’m out of here

hang on – just a sec buddy
here is how it works

let’s say we start a new currency . a virtual currency just like the old bitcoin [ it’s old since by the time you end up reading this shit most it’s history anyway and probably the shit above already happend anyway ]

we have adopted a new currency … let’s call it microcredits [ micro since we are tiny 😀 ]

everyone wants to give their goods and/or services to the world and gain credits
unfortunately no1 own any credits so there is a standstill [ well, crisis transforms into opportunity right now]

in order to have a functional virtual microcredit based economy we have to provide users some credits and get the economy moving
how we do that?
well… credit – it’s the 1st option
but since there is no … deposit, and since there is a high risk of never getting back the credits we made up anyway, we will not be using this method at the begging

instead [ and here is why i waited so much of your time ]
we will be having a monetary council [ hmm – no diference to the old new world disorder so far]
but this council will have a diferent role [ well, it’s hard to say how much difference there is … haven’t participated in one old ones … ]

so, the council will rule on following topics
the community might require some services
for the services the “” elected:” council will release a sum of credits for the providers of there services
there will be a pinch and everyone can complete
once this individual actors within the community have the credits they will go ahead and spend them alll getting the economy growing

i’m now thinking microcredits will be used inside microcomunities … and this microcomunities will establish a currency exchange for their intercomunity currencies


so microcredits within microcomunities and self governance …

what an anarchic society …. looks just like the old one ..



guess no progress was made here … or who knows

anyway – good luck spending all your dollars since it’s only a matter of time before it will become worthless … don’t tell me i haven’t warned you!

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