maybe ..goodbye


Thanks for visiting my blog.

It’s been a while since I last posted and now as I look back @ the content I’ve put here it just makes me smile how silly I was @ some points in the past …. I will probably will have feeling years from now …. hope WordPress will live 4 ever! … if not you will still probably find the content on …. assuming Google Survives

Not sure about the future, but there will probably come great changes for humanity ….
By now I’m 99.99999% certain we are in The Matrix … running a simulation of the past … probably because it was a great time to be alive @ that moment …. so, my friend just one advice for you: Enjoy Life! – Live every moment !

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And if it happens that you resonate with what I say or do, just give me a like/comment or you can add me on fb/ linkedin …or whatever networks will be available in the future …

Not sure also about lifespan … if we separate just don’t worry – nothing was made to last 4 ever … it’s all a process … we dont comprehend the outcome … but it’s much bigger than US…

Regarding this time we are supposed to be living right now, I think it’s the end of an ErA and the beginning of something new, something great and beautiful …

I have one more documentary I want to share here, and it will probably give you some incentives to invest into cryptocurencyes …. just dont rush into things … what we have right now ( bitcoin, ether, etc. ) are not the ‘ real deal ” – if you know what I mean …. the “money system” has to be adopted by consent … and it’s very likely that the central banks will also play a major role in the new establishment … just like they did in the past. The only difference is that they won’t be able to be above the system, just run it smoothly and accordingly to what a legitimate body will decide!

harry-truman-quoteYes, here is a another short review of why bankers fucked up the world

Bet you won’t see any of it on the History Chanel either!

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