There is nothing new in the world exept the history you do not know ” H.Truman

harry-truman-quoteYes, here is a short review of why bankers and the dollar fucked up the world. Bet you won’t see any of it on the History Chanel

Well, anyway
it’s the end of petrodollar by now and I wonder what will the US do next to repay it’s deeds to the world .. work their ass off as China did or just push the red button and game over…

Credits to

Oil was the main energy source for more than a century .. I bet that when the dollar collapses the world will no longer have any need for oil …

Yes, if you have to take actions sell all the money but don’t buy gold as it is as useless as the paper.. your call

And The truth shall set u free!
All the currency in the world is ..fake! .. well, not actually fake .. worthless!

And if you are wondering what will come up next you might want to check out

And on a much larger picture than the UK and ECB currency debates, the world will have to head to something like this


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