What it’s meant to be will always find a way

Let there be Light! We are from the future!

This video kind of inspired me. I’m sure it will inspire you also

Life’s a dream, a sea of possibilities in an ocean of probabilities
Of course the universe is infinite … there can be no other way [ or is it? ]
Maybe the possibilities of comprehending it lie beyond or current existential condition … nevertheless we could design an AI capable of reaching it … but ..should we? …

.. and  remember:
We are the architects of the universe … the creators of our own universes – and this is just because everyone journeys the sea in their own way .. and chances are we meet sometimes. somehow .. within this vastness of space and time .. have you ever wondered what were the chances or how much it means just to be contemporary with some of the greatest minds .. now you do!
– kind of anticipating what the future decades will bring .. yes, I’m from the future also (:

Have a great day!

More inspiration and food for though – see link below

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