The Social Network of Foreign Ministries

Exploring Digital Diplomacy

I have often wondered if foreign ministries follow each other on twitter, and if so, do foreign ministries regard twitter as an important source of information. After all, by monitoring the Ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs’ twitter channel world governments can gather important information regarding events shaping this country’s future as they unfold. Likewise, by monitoring Israel’s official twitter channel, world governments can better understand the Israeli government’s stance on the negotiations with the Palestinians.

In order to learn if foreign ministries do indeed follow each other on twitter, I compiled a sample of 70 countries and analyzed which ministries follow their peers. The result of this analysis was a social network of foreign ministries spanning the globe. Once I had built the network, I was able to answer the most important regarding social networks- who is the most popular kid in the class? Which ministry has the most followers? The…

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