Entering The New Era



This post was scheduled for 12-Dec 12, 2012 @ 12:12

Might be just numbers yet this type of particular  set of numbers won’t be repeating ..

Nevertheless – I’ve always said this – Time and Space are just Coordonates for our Higher Beings to meet within this realms … nothing more – yes, Don’t take life so serious !

Moving on to the Mayan Calendar – It has been developed by a far more advanced civilization – now really,  our current calendar has as a reference point the sun .. and that’s it – we are primitive .. the Mayan Calendar is way more advance and has as a reference point some type of cosmic alignment @ a much greater level.

About the “End of the World” … might be a transformation, an evolution .. or a quantum leap :- )  – anyway don’t be so narrow-minded to “prepare” for anything the movie 2012 was about.

The End of the World happens every day !

Also, be on the lookout for .. Messiah – as he should be here already, since it’s due to return @ the “end of days” ;- )

So, enjoy the ” End of the world ” …


Cheers !



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