On Internet and Freedom

[click to see the current Anti Acta events in Europe ]

The Internet today as we know it can be associated with the absolute form of democracy found on ancient Greece.

I’m giving you [everything (-: of course] this line of  judgment so we should be able to see that it has taken so many generations in order to corruption and greed to set into the political establishment we have today [ and due to the weakens of man found  in archaic societies  ]. Therefor if we are a generation that experienced absolute freedom in[and for] this virtual reality we will never let it be taken away from us.

The problem with SOPA is that within a certain limited mindset brought by some lesser beings(who still have an eternity to find out why we trapped them in hell),  ACTA wants to confiscate the Internet as we know it , only for PROFIT , forcing censorship and absolute control over users information in order to maintain someone’s illusion of power.

Why is this internet control an illusion ? – Well, we are the owners of the network [ and also the owners of this world (never forget that)] .  In Romania{and not only} for example two decades ago my generation created our own networks that later interconnected and connected  into the Internet . The internet providers we have now only run the network we established . And as soon as they will stop doing this or start doing it for the interests of some we will make new networks (even with the existing infrastructure )… yes,  just like that.[ if this ever happens in our life time ]

Well, the outcome to this will be a mystery [in the years to come ]. yet I’m confident that today’s obsolete political system can’t possibly change the internet [ primarily  just because they can’t even understand it beyond it”s user interface ]  …  and it’s way more likely that the internet will prevail in this unseen battle for your mind, totally changing the political establishment and actually changing everything in the world and the global society we have today. This happens already .. ACTA is just one final desperate measure against change … yet progress is inevitably – social & institutional progress will soon catch up with the technological progress… and suddenly we will head out reaching for the stars .

Realities are only illusions, yet only illusions are realities

My name is Legion, for we are many.

The New World Order is Anonymous and Anonymous is the New World Order


One thought on “On Internet and Freedom

  1. there is no secret in this world that one who really wants to know can’t find … deception is most powerful weApon those who held them have

    nevertheless, a focused mind can reach anything ..

    we are all self made, yet only successful ones will admit it …

    everything is already out there .. just be awake to see it


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