Happy new year !


There are do different set of values right now in this men’s world – To “Have” and To “Be”

And the world will soon run out of things you can have and someone else can’t

I invite you to see this movie about the   S h i f t    mankind has to make and hopefully re-evaluate some of your believes about Life … and things that really matter in life.  If you want my advice … life is what you live and what you become.. life is much more than what you think you own [ I’m saying that you think you own because everything is just inside the social contract and inside a state (click 4 more on propriety ).. and the things you think you own actually posses you. [ here is (maybe a stupid) example: go to a mall and take a cart [ the ones you have 2 enter a coin go get ] .. enter a store for and just leave it outside .. how do you fell?  is is worth it? …. hell No! ] | And, as a tradition , new year’s eve is a good time to let go some of the stuff you don’t really need.. you will feel much better !

Just Be ! .. Be you ! Be whoever you want to be !  Be more in the new year !

May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future !

La multi ani !



Also, all let me tell you about the “End of the World” we will be experiencing in 2012 … There is a lot of controversy over this subject , yes it’s real! ,  yet I’m not some1 who is ever trying to panic any. In the past i had some doubts about this, but now i just can’t wait for it to happen.  The end of the world is just the movement of our galaxy into another universe … and of course the begging of another world. There will be some “once in a lifetime ” cosmic events you don;t want to miss …  be prepared!


@wordpress.com – So Sorry , I didn’t make it on the Post a Day Challenge .. wish I could share more easily content . but 10x a lot for everything you do, wish you all the best !


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