got a problem?

whether people are optimist or pessimists they have certain skills

1st – problem solving skills

and 2nd – problem finding skills  (:

yet both are necessary and make a balance in nature in order for society to maintain it’s status-qvo over a certain period of time

problems represent narrow perspectives over limited aspects of life determined mostly by external factors .. and in other words people have problems because

– they socially victimize themselves in order to justify insucess in any area of life

[ no1 has a problem with his ego ]

– they know only a part of the reality and they are not open to new perspectives

[ the truth is out there ]

– the people surrounding them want to keep them in that state of mind for their own self interest

And overall it’s just a state of mind you have to get out of …

[ just leave your victimization “comfort zone”  … by all means ]

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10xz 2 WordPress . not so energetic , yet nevertheless motivational 🙂


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