Start making things!

Making thing without excitement .. of course does not work (:

Well… you should get excited 1st … just google something you like for now (;

Monday will always be the day I appreciate most just because all of mankind steps back  into the conscious and the [more or less] rational ” mode ” after the weekend when every1’s mind is somehow “lost” in some king of  shopping mania or a  cultural nonsenses “must be there” frenzy.

True or False ?

And I think we should study anthropologically this phenomenon more closely, because more and more people make more and more stupid life-changing decisions while under the influence of the “weekend” phenomenon.

Time for some reflections, right? … Where did a weekend from your life led you into ? [ just getting all the people’s story in one place should make a great website ] . You can still do it 1st .. maybe 🙂

Anyway,  hope you have a great week!

Now Get excited now and start doing things! SMART things!



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