P R O P E R T Y | Some thouths regarding the concept of Property

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Property ….. [ this is not at all an elaborate academic text … as every1 can see : ) ]

PROPERTY is just a juridical concept and refers to something that has to do with an individual or group right to “own” stuff… and Property is actually an artificial and abstract concept that is defined and only determined by a social contract.

Everything you “own” does not come by default..you only own stuff because others give you that right. [ if this is true than it implies that other can take away your right to own something … correct? ]

Remember that You can only own property in relationship with other individuals in you own nation and over a defined territory. And everything individuals own must be guaranteed by a state .

If you don’t belong to a state (not very likely but..) that exercise suzerainty over a certain territory you don’t practically own anything as states are the only actors that have this right ..

Just take this situation as the most simple example – your country is invaded by a foreign power [ lets say sarkozy if you live in Lilia (-: ] .. suddenly anything you ever owed is no longer yours since the institution that guarantees you property is no longer valid… if you lose the war you lose everything…that’s it

Property is directly linked to violence and the monopoly of legitimate violence over a defined territory [ that is one definition of a state – a group of institutions that hold the monopoly of legitimate violence over a defined territory].

Going back in time ..

P R O P E R T Y represents  Power and .. VIOLENCE .. of one over others 

People just claimed the property over.. parts of nature (silly, but hey..it worked) .. and other accepted that.. mainly just because the group claiming the property manifested the capacity to respond violently to any aggressor that didn’t respected their right to own it … and they built fences and walls to protect their property … if they couldn’t do that they would be taken over by some who could .. and therefore only the fittest survived @ owning property.

After a long series of battles, wars and more or less violent events that led to the creation of the national states as supreme killing entities .. and as societies and nations become more institutionalized the property become legitimatized and the world was shared among the dominant groups that exercised power in the beginning.

Now – for the new generation who steps into this world ..

You are simply nothing more than a product, a human resource and the subject of one’s [institutional] property. You have no real choice in life  ( you are driven by your needs…and the system takes full advantage of that) since the world already is owned by the others and if you are no a part of their family you are nothing more than a slave of a predetermined society …

Don’t worry about politics, democracy and/or voting .

If voting could change anything , it would have been banned a long time ago 😉 …

The real votes are made every day by the things you do and the values you promote .. [click]

If you happen to sell stuff or you buy things you don’t really need you implicitly promote consumerism and I’m sorry to tell you that 

Consumerism is for locusts !!! I’m not a consumer. So Fuck YOU !

click here 2 see another fucked up way the capitalist world works

( or google The Light Bulb Conspiracy )

And Some topic for Debates

if property was obtained trough violence in the past – why is it legit in the present ?

why should we respect someones  property if it was obtained in an illegitimate way

Last but not least … Intellectual property …

since I’m truly amassed by the fact that INTERNET is still uncensored and a real monument 2 freedom .. mb it’s just because they [those who have an interest in doing that .. and maintaining the status quo]  don’t know how to do it yet .. other than drowning you with information [ I’m really surprised if any stays in this page longer than 1 min ]

Btw:  I happen to find US websites that state that they don’t have the right to broadcast outside US? .. WTF ?  |  Well, There is an easy way to bypass this minor inconvenient – install a vpn network or use a proxy server with an fake US ip .  have fun !

Intellectual property is nothing more than a scam invented by some no talent advertisers that saw others are using their concepts in a far better way or sold same products much better so they invented a law that made it illegal… fagots!

There is no such thing as property over an intellectual concept … it’s like some1 claiming he invented the wheel and the world should be forever thankful for his marvelous contribution … BS!


Ok , since you haven’t click on the picture [yes, there is a link behind every1] ..  as there is a hidden truth behing every statue out there (the world has lots of meanings 4 those who seek it)

here is a movie you could and should see 2day |  Shift


[romanian subtitles ]


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