Religion ..

[click – George Carlin – Religion is bullshit ]

something 2 debate…

there is quite an interesting phenomenon regarding science and religion

religions are more and more open to science and @ some point i think the pope stated that the universe came into existence by itself … ya , right!

and the more science advances, the more it finds that there is a god, an architect, a creator, a divinity or a greater force [ way beyond our comprehension ] [and not in the form of an old man .. or maybe just as a manifestation @ some point in time ] who created the universe as we know it … and this is  because the chances that everything [ cosmic constants and forces man in not really able to understand.. as far as i know ] is in place in this 3d universe (in fact 4d) .. actually in very precise place .. are one in 10^60 [ see the anthropic principle and some1 trying 2 explain it 🙂 link ]

ok, don’t overthink it – just click on the picture 😉





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