Hiring Executives: If You’ve Never Done the Job, How Do You Hire Somebody Good? (via ben’s blog)

Or you can go with your instinct 🙂
One tip from me – NEVER EVER hire friends or family … they won’t do the job done and it will cost you a lot of money and time …
If you want someone to really work for you as an executive ” steal ” some talents from an emerging competitior ( or mb all 🙂 ) … that is if the easy way if you don’t want to search the classic way .. write a description of what you are really looking for and place an ad … even on twitter

“Concrete shoes won’t help in the river I don’t care if you is Michael Phelps my n*&#a” —Lil’ Wayne The biggest difference between being a great functional manager and being a great  general manager—and particularly a great CEO—is that as a general manager, you must hire and manage people who are far more competent at their jobs than you would be at their jobs. In fact, often you will have to hire and manage people to do jobs that you have ne … Read More

via ben's blog


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