Born in September

charity: water Born in September Campaign

charity: water helps people donate their birthday presents to the 1 billion people who are living without clean drinking water. When birthday boys and girls ask for donations instead of gifts on their site, the organization puts 100% of the money to use on clean water projects.

Since the project started four Septembers ago, it has helped more than a million people gain access to clean water. Mashable Twitter followers have already generously contributed to the cause during CEO Pete Cashmore’s September birthday last year.

With so many awesome social good campaigns going around, we couldn’t possibly list every creative campaign above. Help us out by adding other noteworthy campaigns to the comments below.


One thought on “Born in September

  1. This is the last day in september … I find myself being a total socialist for today … from now on I’ll be a socialist all summer long … that is until November … 🙂

    This is a very inspiring and inspirational campaign that shows you how much WE can do together!

    Aslo sending my regards and apreciation to the organisers of Let’s do it Romania!

    And also – Gosh how much I hate no brain corporatist that claim copyrights from youtube .. and not only

    Feel free to say NO ! – Let’s start a campaing that we should pay a tiket for a movie/show/dvd after we have seen it and belive it’s worth it
    How about that you copyright fagots!


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