Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan” by Richard C. Cook (via Dandelion Salad)

The problem does not lie with the production of goods and services which technology can accomplish abundantly. The problem lies with the distribution side of the equation. What people increasingly lack today is the money to purchase the necessities of life. Both the workplace and capital are idled because employees and consumers lack the purchasing power to buy the products and services our economy is capable of producing. The basic problem is excess capacity relative to available income.

Bailout for the People: "The Cook Plan" by Richard C. Cook by Richard C. Cook featured writer Dandelion Salad February 3, 2009 A Bailout for the People: Dividend Economics and the Basic Income Guarantee By Richard C. Cook Prepared for a Presentation at the 8th Congress of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network and 2009 Eastern Economics Association Annual Conference Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers New York, N.Y., February 27 The existing monetary system is not free enterprise, and it … Read More

via Dandelion Salad


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